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ITINERARY:From Sacromonte to Andalusian Memorial Museum. Water of rivers Darro and Genil will trace the path of art interventions including the Alhambra Palace and forest and the Generalife gardens.


Concept: Concept: to visualize art pieces and processes within the urban tissue, promoting social, ethical and cultural values and an ecological consciousness. The 2nd edition of SPORA Ephemeral Art Exhibition will take place in Granada from the December 15th to 20th and from now on, it will become biennial, in odd years.

About Spora art proposals, it is shaped as follows:

One Interactive Art oriented to Augmented Scene Open lab for 12 professionals.
One Ephemeral Art Exhibition within the itinerary proposed (Sacromonte  Andalusian Memorial Museum) with two differentiated actions/research lines:

 Art and Nature
 Art and New Technologies

There are have two different ways to participate in Spora 

1. As invited artist
2. Through the international call for proposals


Konic Thtr (Barcelona_España) National Artists. Directors of the OpenLab, they will do a presentation of the resulting pieces in interactive Art in Spora 

Konic Thtr Project in Art and New Technologies. Open Lab “THE TACTILE LOOK Stage and Languages on Interactive Audiovisual Languages. 12 professionals coming from different areas and research groups in Andalusia have been selected by Spora organization will be granted to receive this workshop (artists, specialists in electronic and interactive art, sound art/space, architecture, audiovisual communcation engineering in robotics, system architecture, data processing, artificial intelligence, performing arts, music, video-dance).

This lab will be open to public during a couple of hours each day as example of the process and work in progress in intermediate creation. Once finished, the lab will show the resulting art pieces during SPORA09.

Place of the Open Lab and art pieces installation: Parque de las Ciencias Museum.

Open Lab Stages of realization:

Konic Thtr and the participants will work from Nov. 30th to Dec. 3rd as a first contact to set the basis, define objectives, production needs, analyzing spaces, designing content for the Open Lab.

From Dec. 14th to 20th the final stage will take place with the Open lab and interactivity based art pieces will be shown during Spora 


 Hee Sook Lee-Niinioja (N (Norway/South Corea )_International Artist. She will be presenting in Granada her art piece Sharing Translucent Dreams with Goethe on Blue Sea, Blue Sky, and Blue Earth: My Homage to Eternal Granada

 Isidro López-Aparicio (Jaén, España). National Artist. Creating the work “Realidad oculta (Al-Hambra versus Reyes Católicos) Hidden reality for Spora.

International Call for proposals

Spora international presentation took place in the International Conference Arts in Society which was held in Venezia on July 28th to 31th in parallel to the Biennale di Venezia. Then the Project was introduced ithin the Academic context at Paradox: the Fine Arts European Forum in Palermo (Italia) on Sept. 20th. Besides it has been spread through the international institution with which the Fine Arts Faculty of Granada has International Agreements and in specialized web sites and magazines.

The International Call for proposals has been open to any artista coming from art, sciences and technology areas and with no age or nationality limits. It has been opened from Oct. 19th to Dec 8th. The wide dissemination of Spora has had the reception of more than 58 projects coming from 10 different countries (from Europe and abroad) as result. An Expert committee will be advisors for the curatorial works to select 8 art pieces that will participate in Spora 


SPORA. International Exhibition of Ephemeral Art is a biannual itinerary of contemporary ephemeral artworks through the city of Granada.

The exhibition covers a path that has two opposite ends, clearly differentiated that gives sense to the main argument of the Exhibition: Tradition and Modernity. At one side, the Sacromonte neighborhood, as main exponent and representation of traditional of historic artisans arts and crafts ; on the other side, the recently developed Museum zone, with the Andalusian Memorial Cultural Centre and the Science Park Museum, both representing the modern and newly developed neighborhoods in Granada.

In between, the city with its urban outline, streets and most emblematic buildings (Bañuelo, Carmen de la Victoria, Palacio de los Córdova) and the well known streets and plazas (La Fuente de las Batallas, Recogidas, el Embarcadero del Río Genil); in this context is where Spora arises every two years. Artists can show their artworks to the city by using it as exceptional canvas.

Concepts such as traces, memories, the perishable, transitorily, the art dematerialization and un-owned as essence of ephemeral against the enduring, is one of the main arguments of this exhibition that spreads over an over-fitted city.

SPORA enables culture encounter of artists coming from many nations living together with the neighborhoods inhabitants and with Andalusian and foreign artisans, making artists participating in each edition, interchange rich experiences and getting to know Granada in every aspect: historical, environmental, cultural, heritage, etc.The water of the rivers Darro and Genil will serve as a thread through time and the different cultures, to blend tradition and modernity and promoting a common cultural space.


SPORA searches for a cultural common space where art projects promoting ethical and social values will be selected over two main research lines:

Art and Nature: Art pieces promoting Environment respect and recuperation, with multidisciplinary ephemeral interventions through the urban landscape, based in an Ecological Aesthetics that talk through metaphors about improving our future and moving forward a more sustainable developing living model. These interventions will focus on preserving the cultural heritage and analyze different rituals and traditions towards Nature. Projects based on Installations, Performance, Land Art, Recycled Art, Ephemeral Sculpture, etc. will be welcome.

Art and New Technologies: Art pieces that approach art and new technologies to society within a common cultural space will be selected. They have been distributed into these sections: Interactive Art (Net Art, Interactive spaces, virtual environments,), Videoart (Video creation, Video installations, Video dance, Vjing, ) and Sound Art (Sound spaces, Sound sculptures and installations, Vdj, )


This call is open to artists, either individually or collectively (naming a representative), regardless of age, nationality or gender.


The length of the SPORA is 6 days, between 15 and 20 December during which the presentation of each piece of art will be sequentially fixed.



The artists will perform their work in situ (spot). The art work must be designed for a specific location that the artist may select within the proposed itinerary, either in the urban spaces or using the buildings (inside or façades). Depending on the specificity of each project, the artist will work outdoors, in public spaces, or within the premises of the Andalusian Memory Museum or the Faculty of Fine Arts in Granada.

The artists are committed to meet the objectives of coexistence and participation in the activities of the Exhibition and finish their work on time, so that their art work will be installed on the designated place of the itinerary proposed.


The Organization shall bear the cost of accommodation and meals for the participating artists during the days in which they will develop the event (not including transfers) and will provide the materials, resources and tools that previously had been agreed with each artist, according to his/her Project.


Projects may be submitted in any artistic discipline and creative language within the two themes of the SPORA: Art and Nature (to be considered, especially those projects that integrate the recovery of traditional crafts) and Art and New Technologies.


Each artist or group may submit as many projects as desired, being necessary their input on paper and CD, DVD or MiniDV (for works of video art), mp3 or wav (for audio art pieces).

These include the following compulsory sections:

 Registration application form.
 Photocopy of passport of the applicant.
 Contact data (Name and surname, e-mail, phone number, postal address,)
 Curriculum Vitae written in a maximum two pages.

Explanatory memorandum of the project (not more than five pages) detailing:

 Name of the Project.
 Brief description of project (maximum 200 words).
 Discipline / s art / s.
 Characteristics of the project.
 Installation instructions and description of the technical requirements and materials to accomplish the sample (the assembling and dismantling works of the project shall be performed by the responsible of the project however the Organization will provide support and advice as well).
 Proposed location.
 Graphic documentation of the project (drawings, sketches, designs, photographs, etc.)
 Production expenses (material /technical / professional needs)
 Graphic documentation of recent work (minimum 5 works and maximum 10). Both images in the dossier as those provided in the explanatory memorandum of the project will have to have a resolution of 300 dpi.


In the case of not received the complete information above mentioned, the participation will be rejected, the jury deciding not to take it into consideration.

It is necessary to indicate if the project of the work that will participate in SPORA 09 is unpublished or has been filed in others festivals or cultural events, specifying in this case the date and place where it was performed.

Applications, along with supporting documentation, will be delivered or sent to the following address:

Faculty of Fine Arts, Edificio Aynadamar, Avenida de Andalucía s / n, 18071, Granada

On weekdays from 9:00 pm to 14:00, or by certified mail. The submission of an application through the Post Office will be done in an open envelope, so that at the head of the registration form will be stated clearly the name of the Office and the filing date in accordance with the provisions Article 31 of Royal Decree 1829/1999, of December 3.

The deadline for submission of the projects ends on November 8th 2009.


The submissions will be subjected to a process of selection by a committee appointed by the Organization composed of renowned professionals from various artistic disciplines. This committee will be made public in due course on the SPORA website.


The Selection Committee will choose the number of projects it deems appropriate, evaluating the artistic quality, suitability to the urban environment, the complementarily between the various proposals and feasibility and economic.

Since these projects will occupy public spaces, the Organization will obtain the necessary local permits for the completion and installation of art pieces.

The project leaders undertake to rectify any damage that occurs in his work, ensuring as far as possible that it remains in perfect condition for the duration of the Exhibition.


Following the completion of the SPORA the Organization will edit a catalogue that includes all actions developed.

The artists will transferred the rights to exhibit and image of the work for this exhibition and for the activities aimed to promote it. An agreement containing a license of rights will be signed between SPORA and each artist or collective to regulate rights of reproduction and publication of each project.

The Organization reserves the right to publish and reproduce the selected artistic interventions for all purposes associated with promoting the program, and incorporate into its documentary fund and public archive all the documents generated. For the audiovisual works a copy will become part of the present documentary fond.





From 9 to 14 hours at:

Faculty of Fine Arts, Vice-Dean of Culture and Students and International Relations Office.
Edificio Aynadamar, Avenida de Andalucía s/n, 18071, Granada. SPAIN
Phone: (+00 34) 659216547 and (+00 34) 659231583

Belén Mazuecos: (Spanish/Italian)
Luiza Anca Sirbu: (Spanish/English)
Ana García López: (Spanish/English)

The participation in SPORA 09 entails the complete acceptation of these rules.

Alfonso Borragán Cerámica negra Bristol - Inglaterra
Colectivo Adeio Pequeñas Cosas aquellas Granada - España
Cie Les Intouchables Objet nature París - Francia
Elisabeth Lumme Untittled Osnabrück - Alemania
Fernando Rubio Ahumada Dejar Huella Madrid - España
DESEda DESEda Granada - España
Larry Cressman The Nature of Drawing VI Michigan - EEUU
Lucía Madriz Aqu San Jos - Costa Rica
Trish Scott City Stitch Londres - Inglaterra
Daniel Rojas Sociograma Interactivo Barcelona - España
Spider Tag
CrossOver Place 3
La Vuelta
Proyecto Cancán
Palabra Encontrada: escuchando Granada
Jardines en las pequeñas grietas
Pinball Granada
El ruido de los tristes
La piel de los lobos
T vigilas




  • Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Granada
  • Facultad de Ingenierías Informáticas y de Telecomunicaciones de Granada
  • Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación de Jaén
  • Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Granada
  • Real Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Granada
  • Escuela de Artes de Almería
  • Electrónica de Consumo Profesional
  • Asociación comercios del Centro de Granada
  • Pull & Bear
  • Bang & Olufsen


Original idea and concept: Dra. Theótima Amo Sáez. Full lecturer of the Fine Arts Faculty of Granada, Researcher and Chairperson of the Asociación Arte y Sociedad (Art and Society Association),
Management and Commission: Dr Ana García López. Lecturer and Vice-Dean of Institutional Relations of the University of Granada.
Production: Item Media


Hiltrud Shaefer
Noni Lazaga
Theótima Amo Sáez
Belén Mazuecos Sánchez
Francisco Caballero Rodríguez
Raúl Campos López


Desing & Programmer Web: Raúl Campos López
Desing Visual Identity Spora'09 : Tucho Molina


Roberto Lacalle


Contact email:
Press: Javier A. Jiménez (639.390.256)

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Photographs by Roberto Lacalle
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Introducción | Members | Objetivos y Lenguajes | Fechas y Localización | Muestra en Directo (STREAMING)

OPEN LAB “EL CUERPO EXPANDIDO DE KONIC THTR en SPORA lt;br>14 al 20 de diciembre de 2009. Parque de las Ciencias de Granada

Escena y Lenguajes de Comunicación Audiovisual Interactivos

Seminario dirigido por Rosa Sánchez y Alain Baumann [Kònic Thtr]
Coordinación en Spora  Theótima Amo Sáez y Ana García López

Este seminario propone la creación de un taller-laboratorio abierto para estudiar la relación entre la escritura escénica y los lenguajes audiovisuales. Un taller transdisciplinar que aúna la instalación y la performance, y busca la relación entre movimiento, palabra, vídeo, sonido y data digital gestionados en escena a tiempo real. Induciendo procesos escénicos colaborativos basados en sistemas de comunicación interactiva.

Konic thtr busca crear una estrecha interrelación entre los coreógrafos y directores de escena, los intérpretes, los músicos, los artistas visuales, los vídeo realizadores, y los artistas digitales, etc. de manera que todas las partes se retroalimenten para crear piezas de arte con un valor artístico autónomo y transdisciplinar.

La pieza o piezas artísticas resultantes del trabajo en el Open Lab se podrán ver el domingo día 20 de diciembre en el Parque de las Ciencias como cierre de Spora 


La organización de Sporalt;/b> ha comisariado y becado a los siguientes profesionales de distintos ámbitos de las artes, ciencias y tecnologías, que participan en esta reunión científica donde se intercambiar conocimiento que dar lugar a una/s pieza/s de arte interactivo en Spora 

  • Facultad de Bellas Artes (UMA): Chato, y Agustín Pedrero
  • Facultad de Bellas Artes (UGR): Raúl Campos López
  • Facultad de Comunicación y Documentación (UGR): Marisa García
  • ETS de Ingenierías Informáticas y de Telecomunicaciones (UGR): Álvaro Hurtado
  • Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación (UJA): Valle Galera
  • Centro Andaluz de Teatro: Jose Carrión
  • Real Conservatorio Superior de Música (Granada): Jos López-Montes y Pati Grau
  • Real Conservatorio Superior de Danza (Granada): Carina Martín
  • Escuela de Artes (Almería): Tucho Molina
  • Colectivo MIGA: Manuel Palma, Thomas Van Ta y Gaspar Prieto

Dirección y Coordinación: Theótima Amo Sáez y Ana García López (Bellas Artes UGR)


Este taller propone un proceso de formación en una actividad teórico-práctica que combina las artes escénicas y la instalación con las tecnologías audiovisuales interactivas. Para ello estudiaremos modelos que se basan en los proyectos y dispositivos de arte interactivo orientados a escena aumentada realizados por Kònic Thtr para comprender desde su análisis, la importancia de los lenguajes tecnológicos aplicados a la creación contemporánea.

Sistemas de captura de datos a tiempo real y escritura escénica

Experiencia teórica y práctica utilizando módulos interactivos de sensores y cámaras de vídeo que capturan la gestualidad y el movimiento humanos para procesar vídeo y sonido en tiempo real.

Generación de entornos sintéticos a partir de la captura del movimiento del cuerpo humano en un espacio físico.

Estudio de relaciones interactivas cuerpo–tecnología–sociedad y cuerpo humano y sus corporeizaciones a través de las nuevas tecnologías, su definición dramática y/o coreográfica en la escena.

Fechas y horas de apertura al público:

Al tratarse de un taller abierto, el público tendr la posibilidad de visitar el laboratorio durante unas horas cada día para poder asistir al work in progress o proceso creativo en arte interactivo.

Miércoles, jueves, viernes y sábado de 6 a 7 de la tarde en el Parque de las Ciencias.

Domingo durante la mañana muestra de la pieza como cierre de Spora en el hall del Parque de las Ciencias.

Fechas y localización:

Parque de las Ciencias. 14 al 20 de Diciembre.

El alto interés formativo y científico de la propuesta de Konic thtr en Spora va a permitir que se materialice en Granada un grupo de trabajo transdisciplinar donde, por iniciativa de la Facultad de BBAA de Granada y el Seminario permanente de Arte, Ciencia y Tecnología, se intercambie conocimiento propio de cada ámbito; este grupo, a partir de esta experiencia inicial se constituye dentro de una línea de investigación en Arte Interactivo definida en el marco del Grupo de Investigación HUM850 “Arte y Sociedad. Investigación, Creación y Difusión desde donde trabajarán en conjunto en futuras actuaciones programadas en arte y nuevos medios.

Watch live streaming video from sporaopenlab at